Did you know that...?

* Three United States Representatives of Congress are buried in Port Jervis?
*  Major League Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, Bucky Harris, was born in Port Jervis?
*  E. Arthur Gray was Port Jervis's longest serving mayor, completing 5 1/2 terms from 1978 to 1988 and then later became a New York State Senator? 
* 1934 day and night photos of electric lights installed in Port Jervis are featured on the Smithsonian Institution web site?
*  Fort Decker, a stone house built in 1760, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places?
* The Library of Congress web site includes a highly detailed, magnifying  1920 aero map of Port Jervis?
* Port Jervis resident, John Newton Howitt, painted pictures for advertisements, covers for pulp novels and leading magazines as well as  a WWII poster
 * Stephen Crane,  renowned author of the "Red Badge of Courage," lived and wrote in Port Jervis?
* Former Port Jervis High School wrestlers, Ed and Lou Banach, won Gold Medals in the 1984 Olympics?   (Ed was light heavyweight and Lou was heavyweight).
* An Urban Legend about alligators living in the New York City sewers has a connection to Port Jervis as documented by a July 3, 1929 reference in the New York Times?
* The "Kalin Twins", a singing duo made famous by their 1958 pop song, "When," were raised in Port Jervis?










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